Programming with Python 2

8 WEDNESDAYS, beginning 2 AUGUST, 2017
4:00pm – 5:30pm
AGES 11 – 14
LOCATION: Rata Studios

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Programming with Python 1

A continuation of Programming with Python 1, students will continue working on their games.  In Term 3 students will simulate gravity, spawn platforms, scroll the screen, create a scoring system, and more!

This course may occasionally require outside work to prepare for the next session.  It is recommended students install Python3, PyGame, and GitHub Desktop on their home computer.

To install PyGame complete these steps

1. Click on the Start menu, type “cmd” to search
2. Open the Command Prompt (cmd)
3. When the command prompt appears type

py -m pip install pygame

This course is run through Rata Studios at Scots College. Registration will redirect you to their site.