StopGo | Animation Software

After discovering a lack of Open Source stop-motion animation software for Linux operating systems we decided to build our own.  StopGo captures images from your webcam and assembles them into a video, allowing you to quickly and easily bring your animations to life.



See your work in progress with previous frames overlaid on live video




autoplayInstant Playback

Easily watch your animation at any point



Delete Frames

We all make mistakes, delete yours



Never lose your work again


Download Linux

Download VLC and FFmpeg prior to install.

Linux 64 Bit Download



Download Windows

Step 1:

If you don’t already have it, download and install VLC.




Step 2:

Then install the standard StopGo support files.

StopGo Dependencies

Step 3:

Last step! Install StopGo.

Download StopGo


Need Help?

StopGo Quick Start


Is there a feature you’d like to see?  Want to help us port to Mac?  Found a bug?  Contribute to StopGo’s source code on GitHub.