Maker Party Wellington

Bridget McKendry of Fab Lab Christchurch demonstrates how to create a paper circuit to a group of children at Maker Party WGTN 2015

Every winter local organisations and the community gather together for Maker Party Wellington.   A part of an international initiative by Mozilla, Maker Parties bring makers, mentors, and learners together to celebrate making and teaching by creating awesome things on and for the open web.

At Maker Party Wellington attendees of all ages can get hands-on with a wide variety of free activities hosted by science, technology, and arts organisations.


Good in the Community

Pop Up ScienceMaker Party is open to everyone!  It is a great way to get adults, teens, and kids together working towards common goals and exploring the possibilities that technology can provide.  We strive to provide tools that are accessible to everyone no matter their financial situation so they can keep making long after the party ends.

We firmly believe that you are never too old to learn something new and you’re never too young to teach others.   We encourage schools and students to host activities at Maker Party Wellington, allowing students to become mentors and increase their confidence in the process.

Good for your Organisation

Creative Commons NZShowcase the work your organisation does alongside other like-minded organisations.  Maker Party Wellington is an excellent opportunity to get word out about your programmes to a larger audience and connect with the community.

Participating organisations are encouraged to bring along brochures and promotional materials to hand out at the party. We also feature each organisation individually in the weeks leading up to the party.


If you would be interested in participating in Maker Party Wellington 2016 or if you would like help bringing Maker Party to your area please register your interest.