We think what we do is pretty awesome, but we know that we can’t serve all of Wellington on our own.  MakerBox actively seeks to support and work alongside other education-based organisations and community groups who share our values.

Rata Studios                                                                                                                          Adults & Kids

Rata Studios prides itself on offering specialised professional courses to children and adults in focused areas of drama, music, dance, visual art and creative technologies.

NodeBots New Zealand                                                                                                                          Adults & Kids

NodeBots New Zealand is an organisation created to help foster, create and run NodeBots events in New Zealand. They encourage learning about hardware by using easily accessible and open source software.

NodeBots events are run across the country and welcome people of all ages, from children to great-grandparents! The only requirement is a curious mind and a thirst for learning.

Enspiral Dev Academy                                                                                                                                        Adults

Dev Academy is a hands on learning experience. You’ll code from day zero and graduate with the equivalent skill set and experience as an entry level web developer.  Adult education.

Makers Org NZ

Hack Miramar

Hack Miramar is a group of like-minded tech industry types who organise technology events, advocate for more adoption, education and investment in technology and work hard to be a positive nuisance for change.

Coder Dojo Porirua                                                                                                                                Kids Ages 5-12

A free club where kids learn to code by working through a range of self-paced online tutorials and fun digital projects such as building a computer from scratch and workin with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis.  There are plenty of adult mentors on hand to help if kids get stuck and kids are encouraged to help each other.

Code Club Aotearoa                                                                                                          Kids Ages 9-12 & Schools

A nationwide network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for Kiwi kids.   Code Club links up venues, such as schools and community groups, with skilled volunteers in the area.  This programme is free for both venues and attendees, curriculum is provided by Code Club.